Office tutorial playable demo

Earlier this week I released a playable demo of the office environment that you can download right now and take for a spin.

The demo can be downloaded right on my newly created gumroad page:


Work on the tutorial package has been going well, but it still needs some editing and a lot of writing for the “manual”. I’ll also see if I can squeeze in OSX and VR versions this weekend.

On a side note, It was a good feeling to release something after a really long time – the last time I remember releasing something playable (made completely by myself) was way back in the Counter-Strike days. I don’t know why I never made Zest Foundation or some of my older works playable… no better way for an environment artist to show his work huh? Hopefully, with things getting easier by the day, more environment artists will  share their works that way too.

On that front, I’ve been making some slow progress on VR versions for both Sampa and the Throne Room scenes. I’ll have more news about them soon :)

2 thoughts on “Office tutorial playable demo”

  1. Boa tarde Thiago, gostaria de saber se tem como vender esse tutorial com o preço em reais. No Gumroad está a 59U$. Afinal, aqui no brasil tá difícil, o dólar custando 3 e pouquinho haha.

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