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My first video tutorial coming soon!

Here’s something I always wish was available when I was learning environment art: A complete recording of an environment creation, from start to finish. Seeing that there are basically no tutorials like this available I thought I’d try and make one.

I started this environment without any specific ideas in mind, only a very vague image of what I wanted it to be. I created a few modular pieces as a start and played around with them, eventually seeing interesting shapes and new spaces the more I worked on it.

I recorded every single step along the way: From the moment I created my work folders to the last post-process adjustments. My goal is to offer you a complete overview of my workflow for creating videogame environments.

I created a hotsite where you can read more information and subscribe to my mailing list for a nice 20% discount when the tutorial launches. Please check it out on

For now enjoy the final screenshots and stay tuned for the final release, which I hope should be pretty soon!

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