MISC Projects

This page contains old/unfinished maps, small projects, experiments and doodles. I thought it would be cool to have some of these here for archiving purposes... even if they don't represent my skill level anymore they shouldn't be forgotten in time :)

Starcraft Scene

Small modular environment made in UDK over the course of a few days. I made this when I joined the Starcraft team to get accostumed to the art style.


Game: Half-Life 2/Insurgency (Mod)

INS_Abdallah is probably my biggest map project to date. I made most of the environment textures and some of the props. This map is included in the Insurgency mod (not the retail game) and can be downloaded on Steam. Released around 2006/2007.


Game: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch


Half-Life 2 Deathmatch map, created for a Mapcore challenge. I also wrote a making of.


Game: Half-Life/The Specialists


I consider TS_Shady the first serious map I ever made. The map features a lot of vertical and indoors/outdoors action and was completed around 2004 or so.


Game: Half-Life/Natural Selection


CO_Paragon is a small map I made for Natural Selection around 2005. This map was a lot of fun to make and my first experience working with a sci-fi art style. All the textures were made by the Natural Selection team. Pretty crazy to think that while I was still learning how to make textures, Doom 3 was already released and featured some of the best normal maps to this day :P

Half-Life Open Source Pack

Game: Half-Life & Mods


Collection of source files for all my old Half-Life maps (even unfinished ones).